The Gallery

A major feature in the Gallery is the personal collection of historical and contemporary Canadian political photographs, lithographs and prints acquired by the Hon. Pauline Browes P.C. including:

  • All the Canadian Prime Ministers;
  • Drawings of the Parliament Buildings;
  • The Globe newspaper, July 1, 1867 printed a copy of the British North America Act;
  • A drawing of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee on Parliament Hill in 1927;
  • A personally signed "Bill of Rights" by Mr. Diefenbaker is displayed.
Sir John A. Macdonald's 1891 campaign poster.

Some of the other Canadian artifacts in the collection displayed in the Gallery are:

  • A collection of historical and contemporary Canadian political photographs, lithographs and prints. The first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A Macdonald and the fathers of Confederation mark the founding of Canada.
  • The photo collage, "The Three Sir Johns" is a treasure.
  • Of note is the lithograph of the 1896 Cabinet with Sir Wilfred Laurier as the Prime Minister.
  • A signed photograph of Sir Robert Borden.
  • The Right Hon. John Diefenbaker visited the Drope Century Farm when Major R.Earle Drope was the M.P. for Northumberland County. The Gallery is proud to to exhibit the maquette of the statue of Right Hon. John374 Diefenbaker, which stands on Parliament hill in Ottawa.
  • Photos of the first woman Federal Cabinet Minister, The Hon. Ellen Fairclough and the first woman Ontario Provincial Cabinet Minister, the Hon. Margaret Birch.
  • Exquisite drawings of the first Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and the Legislative Building at Queen's park, Toronto.
  • The 1982 patriation of the Constitution and the Charter of Rights in the Trudeau era forms an integral part of the evolution of our nation.
  • The return of the Tories in 1979 with the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark and the glorious years under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney are highlighted.
  • The political career of Hon. Pauline Browes , M.P. for Scarborough Centre (1984-93) is depicted with a number of photographs.
  • Also displayed is a carved soapstone inukshuk, presented at the proclamation of the Nunavut territory.

Also a model of the 1850s Cobourg-Peterborough Railway showing the causeway and bridge which crossed Rice Lake - lots more info here.

And for more detail on the Prime Ministers, click here.

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